There are a few reasons that I have put this site together.
  1. Primarily I wanted to put some thoughts in a space which I could easily direct people to if they are interested to know some more about the lens through which I view the Bible and the data that sits behind the reasoning for my provisional conclusions.
  2. I hope that it may be useful in providing some background information that doesn't seem to be common knowledge among Christadelphians. I think this background information is required to make a balanced assessment of the validity or otherwise of the Christadelphian, and wider Christian, worldview. I also think that going forwards Christadelphians will increasingly have to find answers to these concerns.
  3. Something that I have discovered along the way is that faith is not based on intellectual reasoning or academic argument. The more intellectual and academic research I have carried out the further my views have drifted away from 'normal' Christadelphian doctrine, and I'm not alone in this. This website hopes to demonstrate that I have carefully examined the Bible and related resources and that this has not been helpful to me in developing faith, although I like to think it has allowed me to get closer to the (still illusive) truth. I want to demonstrate that I have taken time and put effort in myself and have not just sat back and accepted my fate or simply elected to join 'the world' (the group who God rejects at the Judgement) because it's perceived as being more fun. My genuine aim has been to uncover truth, wherever that may lead.
  4. Finally, I recognise that this may be uncomfortable reading for some, but it is not a personal attack.